Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Taking it Easy Today

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 2nd Bill and I made sure to be up and active before 7 to say goodbye to Duncan and Patty. They were packed up and ready to go with a few minutes to spare for goodbye hugs and ‘see ya laters’. 😊 It’s bittersweet when any of our friends have to leave. We know they have places to go and things to do as do we, but we have such enjoyable conversations that they are missed. We feel blessed with each visit.

So long friends! Safe travels!

After last night's beautiful moon,
we had a pretty runrise

I'm enjoying my baked oatmeal with
plain Greek yogourt and blueberries

Every so often, Mr. Cardinal visits

I counted 52 dead after today's
rampage. I won!

After they left, Bill hopped on the mower and began cutting in the west field, which he believes it was starting to look like a ‘field’. 😊 Kim did say that it didn’t look anywhere near as bad as we were apologizing for with all the wildflowers. That is very kind of her to say but Bill is back to being a happy camper with his perfectionism back in play. You know what I mean, that long grass has bothered him a lot.  Gibbs and I struck out for our walk and what an improvement in the fields!

The wildflowers can be pretty if you don't
mind walking in the tall grass to get
where you're going. Like the clothesline.

Now this looks more like home

With it all cut nicely, both fields and the berm, we had lunch and then he could work on the finishing touches of ‘the project’ so he can take photos and write his blog. We had a few spots of rain early on but by 1 pm the chances of precipitation had dropped from 54% to 26%. Encouraging, although storms may pass through the area after 7 pm. Kim and I sat in the shade of their patio with our books and just enjoyed the afternoon until Happy Hour when we enjoyed even more of it.

Posing on his half of the chair.
I'm working on blogs between
up and down killing flies.
Gibbs never moved. 

This morning, from the time I got up until noon hour, I killed 50+ house flies! It was absolutely crazy. I sprayed the screen door a couple of times to curb their desire to hang there until it opened. I know they’re ‘house’ flies but don’t they know that outdoors is better for them! Duh! I went out myself and sat with Kim to read. Gibbs is getting so good at just sitting under our chairs and not pestering quite so much. 😊

These wildflowers are at our neighbours entrance
They're pretty.

Are you coming, Mom?

My sedum is beautiful in its greenery

Ken and Bill joined us later and we put our books away to converse instead. We watched the sky go from clear to cloudy, patches of blue to very threatening looking dark clouds. We weren’t sure if we’d have to make a run for it at any given time so we put away the hammock and the flag. There is a storm forecast for around 8 so best to be prepared although the radar shows that it may be south and north of us. We hope.

Patty gave me a puzzle before they left.
Cute, eh?

Happy hour begins
Gibbs likes sleeping at your feet.

Pretty Kim

Ken gave me some much-needed tips on my tomato plants so I will remember that for next spring. If not, I know where he is and will get in touch. 😉 We parted ways around 6:30 for the evening and Bill grilled some bacon for our bltc sandwiches. 

They were good on a bun for a change

With the leftover macaroni salad from Patty, it was a nice easy meal. We each had a ½ scoop ice cream cone just to finish the container of black cherry. Bill did his new exercises and then we entertained ourselves with tv and reading.

Looks like the storm clouds are moving north

With clearing to the west

Another good day here on the Ridge. I hope yours was just as good! 

Gibbs sleeps under my chair.
Happy for the peacefulness. 💓
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. I have had a busy day, but things are getting done and dusted. Wow, that's a whole lot of flies!!!

    God bless.

    1. Good job, dusting is not my favorite thing. Um. Nor is vacuuming. Haha

  2. The fly swatter! You GO girl!! I am not a fan of those darn flies. The property looks fabulous as always. Bill does a great job of keeping it up.

  3. Oh my goodness the flies. Hopefully no more show up for the funerals. :)
    Sounds like a good day for all.