Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Forgetfulness, A Busy Day, She Returns

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 29th Bill was up as per his usual work morning. We’d both gone to bed last night by 10 so I was surprised that I still felt tired. I know much of my morning was filled with vivid dreams although I can’t recall anything about them. I got up at 6:20 so I could say goodbye to Bill but not too early to get in his way. He has a routine and I respect that.

A morning capture from inside the Suite

I slipped into my lounging clothes with nowhere to be until 9 and Gibbs and I watched as Bill pulled out on Jazz for one last day. The weather is changing this evening so he’ll need to take Ptooties. After seeing him off and waiting a few minutes, I realized that I DO have to be somewhere! LOL How could I forget that I have to clean this morning. Duh!

Then one more from outside on the berm
before I drove into town

I did phone Bill to double check that his Bluetooth was connecting. 😊 It is an antenna thingy in his helmet and now we know we can reach each other while he’s riding and that’s reassuring. Then I bustled to be out the door by 7. The Mat was empty and other than running a couple of washers because they were dirty, it was uneventful.

I remember gum ball machines from
my childhood but never wood ones and
never this small!
I'll clean it up and it might be good for peanuts.

Oh! My ‘friend’ from Cape Breton, with the really strong accent, came in and before I left he presented me with a sweet little gift. His reasoning was ‘because you’re a nice lady and you’re always working hard to make things nice for the customers – even though it is your job’. At least, I think that's what he said! πŸ˜‚Very kind, I guess I make an impression. Sometimes you don’t realize that until it is brought to your attention.

The baler behind M's 

Back home, Gayle and John were in the car, ready to head back to the house. They have more running around to do and a cargo trailer to fill from a storage unit that needs to be empty. Another crazy busy day for them. I sat Gibbs for 20 minutes and then left him alone while I went to M’s for 9. No real time for breath-catching for me today either. And me forgetting, thinking it was a fairly easy day on the horizon!

Those bales are huge, about the length of

I helped him do some online banking and then took a run into town. He had a lot of stops today so by the time we returned and unloaded the car; we called it a day after 2 ½ hours. Some days are like that. Back home, I had lunch and finished my book. It earned a 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads but I still enjoyed the story. Outside with Gibbs, he chased Chippy until the little beggar jumped up onto the wheels/support bars under the Suite and that kept my little guy entertained for a good hour. 😊

While I cut grass, Gibbs was
entertained - watching, listening and waiting
for Chippy to reappear.

So, I got my mower out and cut the lawn up here. The battery doesn’t last long but long enough to finish this area and just long enough for me too. It has turned quite warm and I was plenty hot when I put it away and plugged it in to charge. Just as I was sitting with my water, Gibbs could hear a car and took off before I had a chance to instruct him to stay. John first with the truck and full cargo trailer and Gayle behind him. They saw him so slowed down until I could get a handle on our ‘runaway’.

They had 35 minutes to get to Hanover so after offloading their fridge food, and getting the freezer items put into the Montana, I shooed them off and finished that job. Things will not be where she wants them but it is temporary anyway and they’ll be doing the reverse at their new home. At least here, they are plugged into power and things will stay fresh and/or frozen. Then, Gibbs and I sat outside in the shade enjoying the lovely breeze.

Around 5:00 or so, we went for our
afternoon walk and roll in the grass.
Not me, I was too busy chuckling.

Bill called that he hadn’t heard about the truck since this morning so I called Vanessa for an update. It was ready and Jeff was taking it for a test run and they’d have our invoice ready by 4:30. Bill left a deposit earlier this morning so I’ll drive over then and make the final payment. The sky had clouded over completely and there is a chance for thunderstorms this evening. I hoped for it to hold off for Bill and Jazz to get home. 😊

The sun peeking through the clouds
and the over-loaded apple tree.
The poor thing will need a serious trimming
either late fall or early spring.

It was after 5:30 when Bill returned home, completely dry, so that was good. We agreed on grilled cheese sandwiches with a piece of pie for dessert so it didn’t take long to prepare. Then we took Ptooties to Grey Bruce Fleet to bring BB home. When I returned first, Gayle and John had just nicely returned after another crazy day, lawyer and house inspection, so they were kapooped and done for the evening.

Quick, easy and tasty.
Mine with onion slices, of course. 

I gave them the connections to our Starlink in case they wanted to watch tv. It was around 7:45 when we felt the first light drops of rain and the sky has darkened up, not just from evening falling either. 😊 This was a busy day but things got done for all of us. I hope you had a good day too. We reached a high temperature of 19C/67F today, dropping to 11C/52F overnight. The rain started just after 8:30.

Black Beauty is a large truck
but here, she looks rather tiny!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


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  1. Reading about Gayle and John's adventures in moving is making me slightly nervous about my own. Wishing them the best of luck as they get through this transition.
    I've had days like that too, where I was sure I had nothing to do and then something niggles at my brain and reminds me, no there is a list of to-do's. Today, it is the basement floors that need my attention. Though we don't use much of the space, it still has to sparkle in case of a showing.