Sunday, August 20, 2023

Things Fall into Place, Sigh of Relief, Family Birthday

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 19th we were all up by 6:30. It was a coolish morning, only 8C/47F so I was happy when Bill turned the furnace on when he took Gibbs out. I was undecided what to do this morning, with the whole tire ‘issue’ on my mind. Do we sort laundry for today while cleaning, and do laundry tomorrow or do I just concentrate on cleaning and getting in touch with the Impact Tire shop? Hmmm. I couldn’t call them until 8:30 so went with looking after our home stuff first.

Good morning!

No one was at the Mat when I arrived and it was a quick clean, done an hour later. I called the shop only to get an answering machine which stated Saturday was only by appointment. Yikes! I left my message regardless and waited in town until 9 before driving home to hang the clothes. The tire was still looking fine. It was going to be a typical summer day after that nasty business yesterday. Everyone I met today was talking about it too.

Gibbs took off to chase Chippy down the corral
until he went into the wood pile
'Come out come out wherever you are'

Bill suggested I call again around 10:30 so when I did, I got a response. Apologizing for being a pest after such an early call gave me all that I needed. A very nice young sounding man said he was just finishing a job on a dump truck and he was going to call me next. When he said to come in for 12 noon, I was quick to thank him and said I’d be there! 😊 I can’t say enough about the response from the minute I drove in.

The cedar tree on our 'boulevard' is loaded
with seeds but Gibbs still felt the need to 
water it. 

Look at those golden seeds!

Jackie and Jay run this tire shop and from my experience, run it exceptionally well. How many businesses can you say that about. We laughed first about how they recognized my license plate after following our car around town in the last day or two, trying to figure what the ‘ptooties’ related to. 😊 I sat in their spiffy wait room for – 10 minutes tops – and she said ‘you’re good to go’. Explained that it was the valve stem and didn’t charge me one red cent.

Someone finds shade after our walk wherever he can

I will go back after driving 50 km (tomorrow) and he will finish the job by torquing the wheel for me. Bill could do it, yes, but now I want Bill to meet these two. They are priceless, really! I felt on top of the world when I left, all relief about the upcoming week slipping off my shoulders and mind. So, I went garage sale-ing! I found a quaint bird house, a dvd of the movie Country Strong and at Robin’s sale, 2 summer tops for .50¢. I wanted to let her know I’d be away for the week anyway.

My veggies aren't producing quite as I'd like
but I'm going to make some improvements
for next year and give it another go!

Lining them up for easy watering, should the need
arise when I'm away. Close to the water hose for Bill. 😀

My hibiscus is sure slow but there are
lots of buds on it. I hope they don't
all bloom before I return home on Friday!
Bill has instructions to take pics if necesary.

Back home, Gibbs and I went for our walk and then I got serious about packing my suitcases. There was a lot of chatter between us sisters, so informed them about the car being ready to go and then focusing on what time to meet. Again. LOL, it’s quite funny and would likely drive the best of you CRAZY! We’ve settled on 7:30 on Monday and just hope all of our ‘gear’ fit in the hatchback. 😊 It seems to every year.

A very comfy waiting room at Impact Tire Service

Bill made it home from his club’s Family Fun Fly around 4, I think, and Gayle and John pulled in with their loaded utility trailer within 15 minutes of his return. We’ve offered them use of the Ridge for whatever they need to store during this transition in their lives. 

Her flowers are beautiful, my sisters
have greener thumbs and/or better luck
with plants

Their big Montana will also be coming for a few days/nights stay. As long as they need, the property is available. They left around 4:30 and Bill grilled our bacon cheeseburgers for supper and we shared a cob of corn.

An easy quick supper

With the dishwasher running, I worked on my blog and Bill and Gibbs dozed. Now, again, I’m looking forward to my trip, with the worry out of the way. Donna and Gerry are having a fire tonight and Mike may be there as well so we dropped over for a couple of hours. It was a lovely day today, around 23C/73F and will only drop to about 14C/57F overnight tonight. Good temperatures for sleeping.

The sky driving over was gorgeous!

Bill and I tried a new drink.
I bought a few for my week away.
I liked it better than Bill.

My teenager around the campfire. 💓

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my little brother’s birthday today. Still below 60, he is creeping up behind me – okay, by quite a few years! We wish him all the best on this Saturday with lots of years ahead. What a great day it turned out to be in every way.

Happy Birthday, Michael.
His friends call him Mike.
As a nickname, some of us siblings
call him George. (his middle name).
He answers to them all.
Love you little bro!

Good night y'all!
Thank you for the visit!