Monday, August 14, 2023

Hot Days, Cooler Nights

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 14th I didn’t need to clean the Mat but I did need to go in to do our laundry. Now that Bill is back to work, the laundry bag fills up quicker and he needs his work clothes ready. Lucky that he was off work today so after being away for the usual laundry day (weekend), I had today to do them up. I just had the usual under clothes and very little else.

Last night, the sky darkened over before bed

This is a very strange picture.
It's like a double vision of the fog
on my way to town.

The fog in Durham was quite dense too

It started out quite foggy, at 6, when Bill took Gibbs out the first time but it was only in certain areas as I drove to Durham and by the time I came home, it was sunny and mostly clear. The Mat was cleaned yesterday, by Alison, Sandy’s office clerk so I didn’t need to do anything other than pick up some dryer sheets that negligent folk can’t seem to get the hang of. LOL Bill had a physio appointment at 9:30 so while I was hanging the clothes, he said goodbye.

All gone for my drive home an hour later

The clothes didn't take long to dry

Gibbs and I went for a walk and that’s when I noticed how sticky it was out there. The humidity is thick and makes it feel as if we ran instead of our usual semi-leisurely pace to the corner and back. šŸ˜Š While in town, I texted M to see what time he wanted me and was it just a town run or was I working as well. His reply by a phone call was that we’d wait until Tuesday morning for both. Back home, with more time on my hands, I filled the 3 bird feeders, they’ve been a weekend without except for the finches.

A picture of the pond on our walk

Some dew webs in the grass
Gibbs had to check them out.

I was going to cut grass but my mower’s battery wouldn’t start so apparently it didn’t get plugged in. So I thought. Instead, I went in to work on the puzzle and Gibbs sat outside on his little bed, dozing and keeping watch at the same time. When Bill got back from his appointment and then from meeting Mike about tomorrow’s job, we had an egg salad sandwich for lunch. Bill had his with cheese, I had mine with lettuce and it was so tasty!

While I worked on my puzzle,
Gibbs slept in his bed while on duty.

I thought it would be easier than it was
but it was a fun one to finish!

He's not doing well with the duty thing today!
He's sleeping!

We hopped in Black Beauty and drove to Gayle and John’s near Chatsworth to get a load of wood. Since they’ve sold, they have a lot of wood that they have personally chopped and stacked. The new owners will have some left for them but John wanted to offer as much as we’d like to us for our campfires. šŸ˜Š We filled the bed of the truck, thanked them and came home to off load it. That is quite a pile now of soft wood. There is also some hardwood if we wanted more.

Would you like some wood? šŸ˜„

Bill swept out the bed of the truck and went to get a bladder of water for us/me. I say me because he will be going to work tomorrow and staying at the location for the week. It is too far to drive every day and they can stay in the cottage of which they are deck-building. Gibbs won’t know what is going on as next week, it’s my turn to disappear for Ladyfest. I brought the clothes in while he was gone and by then the sky had clouded over enough that I closed up the Bunky and put the little mower away. Just in case.

Waiting for Daddy

Bill wasn’t done yet and hopped on his mower to cut the grass that I was going to look after tomorrow afternoon. Once he starts, you know, he’s afraid to stop and sit or he’ll be asleep. šŸ˜Š He cut the berm as well before coming for a break. For supper, we’re having fish and chips and that is Ken W’s fault for showing his delicious meal on FB. Mine will hardly look as inviting but it will taste good! Gibbs has had a full day outside with us so will be sleeping well tonight.

My book is getting good.

This has been a good day and tonight Bill will be packing his clothes once more for the week as well as packing our Koolatron with his lunches for the week. Mike will provide the evening meal fare. What a change that will be around here! Making meals for two is easier than making them for one. LOL

Last pig out night.
Good evening!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I love the puppy just chillin'out. The fogreminds me of the movie, The Fog.

  2. Nice stack of wood you have there! I love campfires. I can tell you from experience, cooking for one is hard to do. You're going to miss Bill!!! And so will Mr Gibbs!

    1. Yes, that wood will keep us going for a long time! We will miss him and I know you know all about cooking for one.

  3. Gibbs will be missing Bill - I'm sure you will too. The photo of Gibbs napping is adorable.

  4. What a lovely puzzle. That would have been great fun to do.

    God bless.